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1926 Davenport loco heading south along Manning St to the Government Goods Yard.

c1888 Testing Bridge over Terralong St.

Davenport before it came to Kiama April 1770


The Davenport loco in Manning St c 1926 opposite Methodist Church

The Davenport and an assortment of blue metal skips at the exchange Hoppers, Kiama Station c 1926

Brighton and PO from Black Beach Fig Tree

Showground from above Shoalhaven St. Note Antrim Theatre so after 1926

Bill Longbottom on Davenport. Ed and Joyce Arundelt? (Lamplighter)

Cnr Shoalhaven and Barney St NB Rail Cutting so after 1893


Bombo Beach from above Pikes Hill Quarry. NB Railway Viaduct so before 1893


Main surf beach



Jamberoo Rd Corner Thompson ST


1893 NB landing staithes - Robertson Basin

2ft line under and over staithes