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For the best view of the blowhole blowing, pick a day with a strong south easterly swell.

During the Autumn you may see whales out to sea or closer on their migratory voyage to the warmer waters of Queensland for breeding.

During Spring they return heading for the feeding grounds in the Antarctic.

George Bass's  was the first European to see the this wonder of nature.

"On 3rd December 1797 Bass set out with a crew of six naval volunteers in a whaleboat twenty-eight feet seven inches long (4)11 with provisions for six weeks. At noon on 6th December they sought shelter from a strong southerly in a bight. This spot we now know as the water between Blowhole Point and Black Beach, Kiama. Bass commented on the location in the following terms: "At 1 the air of wind freshened up into a breeze, and at the same time southerned so much so that we could not lay along the land; we therefore went into a bight and anchored.

"The shore in this bight, and also for some distance on each side of it, bears evident marks of volcanic fire. Several of the little heads and points are of a basaltic nature; some irregular, others columnar basalts. Upon landing, I perceived, near the extremity of one of the heads, the rocks laying scattered about in a very regular manner, and upon examination it appeared that a volcanic eruption had formerly taken place there. The earth for a considerable distance round, in the form approaching that of a circle, seemed to have given way; it was now a green slope. Towards the centre was a deep ragged hole of about 25 or 30 feet in diameter, and on one side of it the sea washed in through a subterraneous passage with a most tremendous noise.

The pieces of rock that lay scattered about had all been burnt, but some were in a state of scoria."

The Cross Sections Showing how Blowhole works

Without the cave at the back to build up pressurised air, the blowhole would not be nearly as spectacular.

Abraham Lincolne drew this early 1840

On the right of the road there is a walkway down to the harbour for your next stop.

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