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The simple Masonic Temple - situated at the bottom of Collins Street, Kiama.

Formally The Temperance Hall. Evidently men consumed large quantities of alcohol in the 19th century and women banded together to try to get their husbands and sons change their ways.

The order of Loyal Star of the South Lodge of the M,U.1.O.O.F ,was founded on the 6th September 1876 - in the Steam Packet Holel.

 Foundation stone for the temple was laid by Dr. Tarrant and completed in 1877

1890 Moved to Oddfellows Hall

Style - Gothic Revival, Constructed of Basalt Cubes, quarried locally. Windows - feature stained Glass Extensions include a side room and front porch.

1897 bought by the Masonic Lodge and renovated to be used as temple.

These shops were all once quarry worker's cottages.

Today are used as Terrace Shops.


You may wish for a coffee or book a meal in these quaint buildings.


Now head down to the main street starting at the War Memorial.

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