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On the way you will walk past the most beautiful swimming hole.

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From the earliest days Kiama was served by sailing vessels which anchored in the bay where the harbour is today. The ships came in with supplies and took away goods such as butter, pigs, calves, poultry, wheat, barley, potatoes, ale and timber. All the, farmers came, to town when a ship came in and these were the market days. Improvements were made in 1848 when mooring chains were laid and a year later a new jetty and shed were built.
In 1853 the Kiama Steam Navigation Company was formed and two years later the company's padd
le wheeler "Kiama" began regular journeys to Sydney. From this time onwards Kiama was served by a steamer twice a week although bad weather often held up the service.
In 1858 Kiama Steam Navigation Company merged with Shoalhaven Steam Navigation Co. and the General Steam Navigation Co. (of Wollongong) to form lllawarra Steam Navigation Company.

Throughout the years many people had been urging that a permanent harbour basin be built at Kiama and eventually construction began in 1871. It was officially opened in 1876. During these early years it was quite dangerous for ships travelling up and down the coast when the weather was bad and there were many shipwrecks.

Note the big fig tree (below). Before the harbour was completed most ships tied up to the tree.

Many public events were held here including Kiama's first church service.

Enjoy your walk around the harbour and bay.


Read why Kiama has a statue of a pelican.

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Walk around the bay to view the old Primary School.

Check the 40 year old (baby) fig tree on the way.

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