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So how do you like the pink? It has changed a number of times and you can see other pictures with less dramatic colours in the Pilot's Cottage Museum at the conclusion of this walk.

The 1890's


Note the obelisk on the corner. It's nearby. Have a look at the corrosion.


As the result of a petition in 1838 by residents of the area, a Post Office was approved. It opened in 1841 with the first Post-Master being George Hindmarsh.

Mails were first carried overland by runner from Shoalhaven to Wollongong but by 1848 a twice-weekly horseback service  operated from Dapto to Kiama and on to the Shoalhaven, having travelled overland from Sydney, via Campbelltown, Appin and Wollongong.

Terralong Street looking west


Tramway going past Post Office

Two tramways, one mile in length, were constructed to connect the Pike's Hill quarries (sports oval and leisure centre today) west of the township, with the harbour, along Terralong St. The first line was in position between 1885 and 1889: built to the 3'6" gauge it was never to work. The second, and more successful tramway was constructed to a 2ft gauge, with a branch to the Government Railway Station (up Manning St), and served the stone industry between 1914 and 1941.

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