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You have just walked past where the the most notable landmark in the early years was. The fig tree at the bay was where the people met when the ships came in with supplies. It was situated just above what is now known as Black Beach. 

The first church service was held here and probably boys met their girls under it.

This fig died in the 1960's but many still grow in the district and act as a reminder of this well known town feature.


  The first school was established in 1871. In 1893 this two storey building was added. Infants, Primary and High School students were enrolled.



Growth in numbers and the present development have moved the students to other locations.

You might like to have a drink, meal or snack at The Blue Diamond on the corner.

You may be able to see through the old building if it is open.

Now head back down the hill and walk through Central Park parallel to the main street to Collins Street..

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