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Check the records on the War Memorial going back to the Boer War.

Look to the far right of Terralong St on the top of the hill.

There was a quarry on top of the hill. Blue metal had to be brought down the street to the harbour.

At first horse an sulkies did this but then rail lines were built along the main street and small trains carried the blue metal. 

Walk back along Terralong St to the old Fire Station where out the front there will probably be a cow.

Look diagonally to the hotel Kiama Inn. Can you see any resemblance to this picture?










In 1899 the entire street west of this hotel was burned in two fires. Most of the buildings were made of timber and with Kiama's strong winds, once the fire took hold the street disappeared.

In 1915 the Fire Station where you are standing was built.

Note: each week now an art exhibition is held, and each week Daisy is painted different colours.

Walk to the Presbyterian Church 

Presbyterians first met at David Smith’s (Kiama's first resident) house on 10 February, 1840 to consider the erection of a Church.

 Land granted by the Government on the east side of Manning Street could not be used due to changes in the name of the Church following disruption of the Church of Scotland in 1843 and change of name in Australia to Free Presbyterian Church. A wooden building, erected for a store in 1848 near the Black Beach figtree was used for services until the stone church was built in 1863.

The vestry and stained glass windows were added in 1897 and in 1898 the church was improved by the addition of a steeple and bell.

Style: Gothic Revival

The Church Pipe Organ was presented by G.L.Fuller and dedicated on 5 September, 1907. Electric lighting was installed in 1924.

On the next corner under the bridge and just up to the right is Kiama Library and underneath is the famous Kiama Family History Centre, probably the best country genealogy centre in NSW. They have data bases from all over the world and will help you work on your family tree.

Plenty of places to have coffee, snacks or meals.





Now walk down to the Post Office under the bridge, passing the original Court House and Police Station.

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