Accident at Eureka Quarry

Situated on Minnamurra headland, north of Eureka Street and opposite the golf course clubhouse, on May28 1912, excavating a cutting for a siding to be laid in No 1 hole had been drilled for 14 ft and was charged with dynamite and gelignite and No 2 hole which was 8 feet away was being charge when No 1 hole exploded killing five men and injuring four one of those died.

Ganger W. Eyles, who was in charge of the men committed suicide on June 11, 1912.

Explosion caused by plugs of gelignite being broken into irregular lengths by Ganger Eyles and putting them into the hole with jagged ends exposed, and by powder monkey S.C.Cowling leaving the plugs on the ground so that they became too cold.